On Tuesday, WAT-AAH! teamed up with Rouses Market #35 Lakefront location to host a special autograph signing for the Marques Colston Limited Edition WAT-AAH! #12.

Not only did fans have the chance to meet-n-greet New Orleans Saints' Marques Colston, but they were able to get their hands on WAT-AAH!'s newest limited edition bottle, WAT-AAH! #12, personally signed by Colston himself.  

Saints fans from all across New Orleans lined up in their Colston jerseys as they eagerly awaited meeting him. 

Many of the young fans were aspirational football players, looking to grow up to be just like Colston.

All in all the fans left with huge smiles on their faces... and so did Colston!! 

Big THANK Y-AAH! to Rouses Supermarket, Marques Colston and all of his wonderful fans for such a great signing event!

WAT-AAH! #12 contains ultra pure water + electrolytes and is sold exclusively at Rouses Supermarket. All of the proceeds go to benefit the children of Louisiana based charity, AMIkids. To learn more about WAT-AAH! #12 CLICK HERE!