WAT-AAH! is constantly seeking the next talented kid, or in this case a talented group, who helps to promote creativity and individualism in today's youth. We know what's up in the world of pop culture so when someone told us that we needed some swag we were surprised! Aren't we cool enough?! But then we were introduced to New Jersey-based hip-hop and dance group S.W.A.G. (Satisfaction with a Guarantee) and we thought, "You can never have enough swag!"

The group, founded by Kathy Jones and her son A.J. who is also the lead singer for the group, is composed of 12 young teens on a mission to encourage kids to dance along to their inspiring vocals while doing it in style. The group prides itself on their "Nerdy swag," fully-equipped with bowties, glasses, suspenders and popped collars. Aside from looking cool, their image is meant to represent the fact that anyone can have swag regardless of your style or how much money you spend on clothes. 

It's no secret that WAT-AAH! loves to promote kids with talent and a positive message, so when S.W.A.G. reached out to us not only were we AAH-MAZED! at their determination, but we knew we had to meet them! We must say, it's AAH-SOME! knowing that kids out there feel comfortable enough to contact us to help them with their dream. After the group arrived to meet and swag out the office, we were shocked at their professionalism and drive. So naturally a collaboration was in order. We will be working with the young stars at New Jersey's Miss Expo in March and that's just the beginning! Stay tuned to see what S.W.A.G. and WAT-AAH! are up to next! In the meantime, check out their latest performance HERE!

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